Rat Hepatocytes Suspension SD


The thawing / plating / general purpose medium supplement with antibiotics is a specific medium supplement for the initial thawing of cryopreserved HepaRGTM cells.

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BIOLOGIC Genius / Species Rattus rattus, Rat
Tissue Liver
Age Adult
Gender Male or female
Disease Healthy
PRODUCT Cell Type Hepatocytes
Morphology Epithelial like cells
Culture and growth properties Adherent cell population
Passage n° at the time of cryopreservation Not relevant : no passage
Cells per vial Minimum 5×106 cells
Viability ≥70% after thawing
Product Format Suspension 1ml vial
Sterility test Negative for Bacterial, Mycoplasma, Yeast
Dedicated Applications Covered applications : transporters, metabolism, hepato toxicology, genotoxicity