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Biologicals for Translational Medicine

Biopredic Advancells Pvt. Ltd. is an India based biotech and life sciences company which is a joint venture between Biopredic International, France and Advancells Group India. The principal aim of this JV is to produce and distribute biological solutions for translational medicine. BAPL is the exclusive licensee of the entire catalogue of Biopredic International, France which is primarily focused in products around Toxicology and Hepatology. BAPL also has access to the Advancells Group catalogue (under the brand name Kosheeka) of customized primary cells used in various industrial and academic research projects.

BAPL produces and distributes a range of biological products used for drug development. These include products for drug metabolism, pharmacokinetics and toxicology domains, and for drug discovery (for studies performed by academic and industrial scientists). With animal testing progressively being banned around the world, research entities are investing in the 3Rs and shifting to in vitro studies. Our products are positioned for all such studies and for both, cosmetics and pharma compounds.

Whether you are a Contract Research Organization (CRO) engaged in toxicology or drug metabolism studies, or you are a Pharmaceutical Company engaged in drug innovation and in the generics business (this is for skin), our range of Primary Cells, Cell Lines, tissues and fluids offer you unique, stabilized, replicable and cost effective solutions. We provide all relevant skin models for cosmetic companies addressing passage through the skin and efficacy aspects. We also provide deep scientific support over the phone, via webinars and through onsite trainings.

Our broad catalogue gives you flexibility in protocol design. You can choose primary cells from hepatocytes, Beta Islet Cells, renal Cells, endothelial Cells and mesenchymal cells; from various species (Human or Animal) and under different  formats (fresh/ frozen, suspended/flask/vial); from diseased versus normal donors. We provide the corresponding culture media along with the cells. We also provide tissues such as whole human skin discs, which are convenient for testing finished products, and fluids for biomarker studies or as a matrix for pharmacokinetics.

  • Multiple Production Centers across the globe provide easy access to the right starting material.

  • Strong Scientific support base in multiple countries provide our customers the right scientific partners in their research.

  • Over 600 published papers proving the stability and replicability of our products.

  • Both GMP and non GMP Production centers enable you to take your research from bench side to bed side.

  • Technology to ship cells even at room temperature without compromising on cell viability.

Our Services

BAPL’s expertise lies in the isolation, production and distribution of fresh and frozen human and animal biological products, including tissues, primary cells, cell lines and reagents. Today BAPL serves both academic and industrial research in :

  • Drug development

  • Drug discovery

  • Cosmetics and chemicals

BAPL also sells products under its own label. BAPL is open to new opportunities to produce as an OEM. With GMP grade manufacturing facility in India and offsite manufacturing facilities in France, BAPL is positioned uniquely to serve our clients from R&D phase till commercial production.

Our Product Range

BAPL is also the exclusive licence holder of HepaRG™, the human hepatic stem cell line patented by the INSERM (French National Institute of Health and Medical Research) in India. Visit the official HepaRG™ website . Our other major products include

  • Fresh and Frozen Primary Hepatocytes

  • Plated Human and Animal Skin for Cosmetic Testings

  • Fresh and Frozen Primary Beta Islet Cells

  • Isolated Skin Melanocytes and Keratinocytes

  • Many other Customized Primary Cells from both Human and Animal origin.

BAPL is also involved in developing and distribution of specialized and patented Reagents and Growth Media.

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